Data Requires Fidelity.

Ensure It With GOSTAR.
Navigating through the many hurdles and pitfalls of drug development gives no room for imperfections. When the smallest of flaws can bring your pipeline crashing down, you need precision. Atomic precision. A precision inherent to GOSTAR. For more than twenty years, we have been compiling critical data on more than 9,000,000 small molecule medicinal compounds to help you get the answers you need faster, and with more certainty.
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Unmatched Accuracy

A big proportion of SAR databases are generated using algorithms which lack the accuracy you need for your pipelines. At GOSTAR, we do things differently. Every data point is manually entered by a defined and controlled process specifically designed to minimize human error and eliminate machine error. Designed by medicinal chemists, for medicinal chemists, GOSTAR’s data is presented free of clutter, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Your next breakthrough.

Enhance your predictive options

When GOSTAR was devised, we only had one goal in mind: to design a SAR database featuring only relevant data needed by medicinal chemists to advance their pipelines towards their next breakthrough. With more than 9.1 M discovery compounds manually curated by our experts, GOSTAR provides you with an unmatched breadth of predictive options.

The Tools to Provide Clarity

GOSTAR enables early discovery in drug development by providing normalized compound–target affinity data as well as comprehensive pharmacokinetic, efficacy, metabolic, and toxicity profiles. It enables medicinal chemists to build powerful searches which provide detailed insight into the entire pharmaceutical space. Find a wealth of data in GOSTAR.
The drug-target interaction heatmap facilitates decision-making about the potential off-target activity of drug candidates early in drug development and drug repurposing workflows. GOSTAR presents these findings in a visually intuitive manner, allowing end-users to easily interpret the data and draw conclusions. Go from data to understanding faster with GOSTAR.
Matched molecular pair analysis is a powerful tool for determining which compound to design and test next. Computer algorithms analyse data in an unbiased manner to create design guidelines that will allow medicinal chemists to propose better compounds that reduce the number of design cycles. GOSTAR provides tools for determining the matched molecular pairs and analysing activity landscapes across compound datasets. Design more effective compounds with GOSTAR.
Lipophilicity is an important factor in determining the binding affinity of a drug to protein targets, as well as influencing ADMET properties. As a result, the combination of high target potency and high lipophilicity may increase the likelihood of ADMET-related attrition. Therefore, medicinal chemistry optimization needs to be balanced and multidimensional. GOSTAR empowers medicinal chemists to efficiently explore the property space of compounds against a variety of bioactivity endpoints. Discover your next breakthrough with GOSTAR.

GOSTAR allows us, effectively, to enter an area of biological and chemical space that wouldn’t be possible otherwise

Jonny Wray

CTO, E-therapeutics