GOSTAR Season’s Special

Get 3 months online access for free

Why choose GOSTAR?

  1. The world’s largest manually curated SAR database.
  2. The most accurate commercially available SAR database
  3. Empowers medicinal chemists to find the information they need more easily than any other chemistry database
  4. Allows medicinal chemists to more readily interpret the data contained in the database.
  5. Exports from GOSTAR are formatted for greater utility than exports from other commercial databases.

Terms and conditions

  • 1 full online access license per organization
  • 3 months free on purchase of 12-month online subscription
  • Sign-up before 31-Jan-2022
  • Excelra’s decision will be final




NSL Arena, Uppal,
Hyderabad – 500039

North America


245 First Street, Cambridge
MA 02142



Melissekade 215, 3544 CW
Utrecht, Netherlands

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