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Monoclonal antibody data shapes personalized medicine and advances antibody development

Group 1

AI/ML companies leverage the SAR dataset for structure-based prediction of antibody activity

Group 2

The SAR dataset accelerates antibody R&D, optimizes drug design strategies, and guides antibody development towards enhanced specificity, efficacy, and safety.

Group 6

The structured SAR dataset facilitates seamless data integration, merging structural and biological insights to guide novel antibody design and drive effective drug development decisions

Case study
Unveiling the Molecular Code

Antibody Sequence Mining and Target Affinity Analysis

monoclonal antibody

The client is an artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery company bringing a magical revolution to the drug discovery journey.

We helped them leverage antibody sequence and target affinity data, which was structured and annotated meticulously. This empowerment facilitated the creation of robust training datasets. These datasets serve as the bedrock for training AI and advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling the achievement of precision in personalized medicine.

Upon analyzing antibody affinity data, the client identified antibodies that exhibit polypharmacology beyond their primary pharmacology. This knowledge enabled the client to explore the repurposing of approved antibodies, leveraging their characteristics and expanding their therapeutic potential to address unmet medical needs.

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