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about gvkbio’s gostar application
(GVK BIO Online Structure Activity Relationship Database)

GVK BIO is a part of the $1 billion GVK group. GVK BIO is one of India’s premier CROs, providing an integrated platform of research services across the Pharma R&D value chain to a growing number of global Pharma and Biotech companies. The Company combines science, innovation, and people to help clients address their Drug Discovery and Development challenges. Our services in Bio/Chemo-informatics, Structural Biology, BioIT and Patent Research are tailor made to suit customer requirements.

The Informatics division of GVK BIO is a pioneer in the field of scientific database development and is known for its manually curated databases related to Cheminformatics, Protein-Protein Interactions, Pathways, and Biomarkers covering chemical & biological space from Journals and Patents.

Conceptual FrameworkInformation on SAR, pharmacological effects, toxic properties and clinical outcomes is crucial for a scientist investigating new drug candidates for a specific indication. Such information has been curated from journals, patents and other sources. Natural Language Processing tools have been largely inadequate in providing the high degree of reliability required in such information. Only careful manual curation answers this need.

GOSTAR (GVK BIO Online Structure Activity Relationship Database) is an online scientific database. It is the largest SAR manually curated database with 6.6 million inhibitors and over 22 million quantitative SAR points screened from around 2.2 million patents and 336,426 journals with complete coverage of biological and chemical space. Information provided includes SAR, ADME, toxicity, preclinical, clinical, and structural data

Today, most of us want access to information from different sources very quickly. In such cases, GOSTAR provides a single search platform, which provides information on discovery, development compounds, and marketed drugs from various web resources. Corresponding FDA product leaflets, EPAR Documents, website and conference reports are also consulted for information on drugs. Each data point is rich with information, containing about 200 unique data fields with extensive cross references within the database as well as with external public databases such as PubMed.

GOSTAR database Utility Characteristics of GOSTAR Data
  • Evaluate fast follower opportunities (patent busting)
  • Selectivity and activity optimisation
  • Rapid access to current knowledge
  • Avoid redrawing of published structures
  • Exploration of chemical & biological space
  • Develop predictive models (QSARs, pharmacophore models)
  • Virtual screening(compound prioritisation for screening)
  • Chemical space
  • Activity data and Protein target classification
  • Link to PubMed and other external sites
  • Information on assay methods, source, cell lines, etc.
  • Clinical trials data
  • Common names and synonyms for all the compounds
  • Classification of assays into binding, cell based, etc.
  • Supported by references for easy identification

It offers a secure access to user through an integrated, browser-based VeriSign Certified platform where user can Query, Browse, Retrieve, and Export data into various formats(User can export/download the data through the application in various formats (SD file, RDF file, Excel, XML and CSV format). .

GOSTAR provides a powerful user interface, which enables the users to search all the 15 integrated databases from a single query page. Based on the query dimensions used, GOSTAR automatically selects the most relevant subset of data fields to be included in the results view. With the ease of one click in the results view, the vast set of complete information for a compound can be obtained.

GOSTAR supports different analytical tools, user can sort out the molecules for a specific target based on the activity value, Heat maps to understand the off-target activity, scatter plots allows to understand the huge results with multiple combinations like Targets, Source, Activity Type and Physicochemical properties. Also, users can have an idea on chemical space like Scaffold, Core groups, Skeleton, Frame works and rings. Use the MCSS option to understand the chemical space along with biological activity. GOSTAR analyzers also help in identifying the data for Target Validation, Target Assessment, Lead optimization Virtual screening and scaffold hopping.

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